My name is janicanne.

I strive to be an intersectional feminist.  I dearly love my plants. Halloween is my favorite day of the year.  I love comic books and graphic novels.  

If I were a haunted house, the poems inside of me would be my ghosts.

Poetry is an internal bodily space I am always trying to locate and name.  I strive to write poetry that is ruthless, unyielding, and undone.  I want the receiver of my work to feel as though poetry can be armor and, at the same time, a soft and familiar place to fall.  My writing is a collection of all of my shattered and scattered pieces, put back together differently with every poem. 

The name "Pollen For The Queen" stems from my deep admiration for bees.  

Bees are communal creatures, entrusting the safety, resilience, and perseverance of the hive to each other.  Each bee has a different job to do on behalf of the hive and the vitality of their community is predicated on their ability to successfully carry out their aforementioned responsibilities.  

While queen bees are typically sustained on a diet of royal jelly + absence of pollen and honey, the worker bees who maintain "queen/ness" eat pollen and honey.  "Pollen For The Queen" speaks to the idea of gathering life source, collecting beautiful pieces of the world, sharing it with those close to you, and using it to grow and flourish.