Poem: What Does It Mean To Be Lovely

What does it mean to be lovely 


Do I have to pour myself into a constellation
And hang myself in the sky?

Should I bury my flesh in flowers
And bloom when you're watching?

What have you seen in me
So deep I can't follow?


What does it mean to be lovely


I have disappointed you, golden hour
With my devils hiding in the dark pretending to be sunsets

I have failed you, silver lining
With my fragile sins eating away at my unsolved skin


What does it mean to be lovely


Do I have to pull the arrows out myself?

Keep your guts on a sacred shelf?

Apply pressure to the demolition hemorrhaging from your youth?
Style your mediocre heartache in three-piece truths?


Can I read you to sleep

with the stories of my red tides

are tired of hearing your battle cries

out to melt into sludge into the cracks

of your lies and fill up the space with

my sacrifice my lovely for your ugly... ?


What does it mean to be ugly


Poem born from: a hard day's mirror.