Poem: If I Ever Chose Fear

We collect what we know to be evidence of fear
And use it as reason to repent for its opposite.

At an end, we are being robbed of our possessions
while willingly sacrificing an undiagnosed purpose.

Fear is a protector and also a villain.
Fear is what keeps us alive and also keeps us apart.
Fear is what binds us to our insecurities
and also unhinges us from our intimate corners of ordinary.

If ever I chose fear, I would be choosing you.
If ever I chose fear, I would be choosing me.

Fear renovates our sleepy definitions of discovery
knowing we are the regrets of dead stars
the product of billions of celestial fistfights.
We are complicated scars of clashes and crashes…
…the aftermath of the harm and hope that came before us.

Fear loves and loathes.
Fear battles and betroths. 
Fear is our hold on.
Fear is our let go.
Fear is our more than.
Fear is our lessness.







Poem born from: the way I feel about letting someone go.