Poem: Be Selfish With Your Heart

Be selfish with your heart
Clutch your chambers close
Break only in case of emergency
Stay gold no matter the market value 

Be selfish with your heart
False healers in search of hollowed honeycombs
Will hunt you down
And prey upon
your sweetness
your kindness
Until it dries up and dies
leaving your sapless skeleton behind
to remind all of us
of how we will never survive
the nectar of unconditional love
is what keeps one alive

You know better, baby, than to believe the tourists
From flower to flower with no pollen for the queen 

Be selfish with your heart
Break the deals you made
with your past selves
in your past lives  
So you can barter with new devils 

Put on the black lipstick, baby
And show him the color of his lungs

Be selfish with your heart
You’re so vain
He probably thinks your veins are about him 

You’re an ocean, baby
He can't tell you anything about the tides

Be selfish with your heart
Eat your own and steal the rest



                                                                                                      Poem born from: The Tower card